No matter how tough of a situation in your past, you have to push though. Greatness is around the corner.  Girl Wears Those Shoes tells the story that with resilience and confidence you can push through anything to become the best version of yourself.

- Dan King, realtor, 2020-2021 Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), Houston Chapter president 

This is an exciting story of overcoming obstacles and being triumphant in the face of adversity. Gigi O is determined not to let her past determine her future. And with the help of friends, lovers, and hard work she becomes the success that she always knew she could be in the world of real estate!

- Rob Arnold, Mortgage Banker, 2022 Treasurer, Women’s Council of Realtors Houston

This story will expose you to the world of Gigi O’s relationships with co-workers and friends she meets wrapped with educational pieces in real estate that is a must-read for those who aspire to be real-estate agents.  Jenny Wang attracts the reader with humor, artistic descriptions of the environments, and cuisines in each scene along with some erotic interactions that spice things up for a great and entertaining read.

- Dale G. Konicek, Ph.D, Professor/Entrepreneur, Houston Ballet Trustee

Compelling, inspiring, and insightful, Gigi’s story is like that of so many immigrants who have been embraced by the cultural diversity and economic opportunities of Houston. In a unique fusion of the 2008 world of real estate and the struggles Gigi faces as a young Chinese woman, Jenny weaves a tale that not only keeps her readers engaged with its colourful characters and fast paced story line; it moves them to be bold and confident in the face of adversity. This novel makes the American dream obtainable.

- Delara Aubon, Realtor Coach/Consultant. Former Governor of the Women’s Council Realtors Texas, and past President of the Women’s Council Realtors Houston.

Successful real estate practitioners come from all over the world and must learn how to “sink or swim” in this industry. Not only must you learn the language, but multi-faceted aspects of the real-estate business! If you learn to swim, the world is your oyster! Gigi O manages not only to survive but thrive and show once again that your fame, your fortune are the outcome of your inventive personality! Gigi O is a thriver! I stayed engaged in the plot and journey of this inventive, intelligent, fun woman who has given platform shoes a whole new image, if not meaning! I recommend this book and congratulate the author, Jenny Wang!

- Rita Santamaria, CEO, Champions School of Real Estate LTD

Jenny Wang blends traditionally taboo topics with familiar elements of the Asian immigrant experience and in the process, shatters stereotypes in her debut novel. The author draws upon her own knowledge in real estate to add a layer of real-life grit in this fun and uplifting novel. In the process, we learn there is no singular definition of success, and as women, we should never apologize for making it on our own.

- Miya Shay, Houston television journalist

Girl Wears Those Shoes takes the reader on a wild ride from the darkest to the brightest moments of life. Enjoyable and fast-moving, this first fiction from Jenny Wang is commendably authentic and daringly real.”

- Frank Billingsley, Chief Meteorologist at KPRC-TV/Click2-Houston


June 2024



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